Aterra Philosophy

Aterra aims to show to others that there is a way of living that does not harm the earth but utilizes the potential of your surroundings, working with nature and leaving minimal waste. You can live in an ecological and ethical way and yet still have comfort and a high standard of living. We want you to experience the best of the simple things in life, namely food, drink, company and surroundings. Our belief is in quality, not quantity. We want to produce and provide for our guests as much as we can by ourselves and from the local community. We believe organic and homemade produce is best, and we support working in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.


Aterra can be translated as ‘The Land’ or ‘The Earth’. So as the name suggests, Aterra is not just about experiencing what we have on our land but also thinking of the potential we have on this Earth. The art of living in a sustainable, more resourceful and ecological way can be played out in everyone’s situation whether small or large, city or countryside.


Our key principles our aligned with the Permaculture Ethics of:

Earth care – Using natural resources respectfully, using outputs from one system as inputs for another.

People care – Caring for individuals in our local community and inviting those from around the world. Promoting self-reliance, co-operation and support for each other and future generations.

Fairshares – Bringing earth and people care together to share, protect and preserve our world and limit our consumption. Working to help people to have access to the fundamental needs of life – clean water, clean air, food, shelter, meaningful employment, and social contact.


Our philosophy of life is to work to live, not to live to work. We always aim to enjoy what we do, making work a pleasure. We believe you have always got to work hard to achieve things but allow things to happen with time, remaining patient, thankful and humble. We believe in making the most of your life, seizing opportunities and focusing on the potential. We try to find solutions to problems, seeing them as challenges not barriers.


We feel very fortunate to have such land and resources and therefore wish to share what we have and what we have learnt. We hope that through our example and through your experience at Aterra, we can give others inspiration and ideas to make more use of what they have. We hope that Aterra is a living example of what can be achieved with this philosophy in mind.