Aterra Origins

Aterra was initiated and set up by us, Francisco and Claudia Talone de Brion. As a couple that have always liked to welcome friends and family, Aterra is simply an extension of our home and hospitality. We aim to provide guests with a little of the freedom, peace and tranquillity that we are lucky enough to experience here. Come to be treated well in a relaxed ambience, staying in humble luxury, retaining respect for the Earth and all other beings. Taste a bit of quality (not quantity) with good food, beautiful surroundings and at one with nature.


Having lived abroad and travelled widely, Aterra reflects influences and inspirations from different cultures and styles. The resort has a hybrid element combining Portuguese and regional specialties, with other fruits of the world. Due to our Asian connection and affection, a strong essence of Asia can be felt as you enter our tents and as you recline in the Reception.


Francisco’s previous works in gardening, permaculture and ecological construction have given him the skills to design and build all the structures, gardens and furniture at Aterra.  His knowledge of building with different materials and his resourcefulness means that most of Aterra’s constructions have been hand crafted using materials sourced from our land or locally.


Claudia’s studies in geography and development gave her the understanding of the fundamental need for taking care of people and our Earth. As a primary school teacher, she worked in many different types of schools and realised the need for children to have a wider education. Claudia is keen to give children this opportunity at Aterra allowing them to have the freedom to explore, play and discover through fun, practical experiences.  Aterra thus has a small open farm that not only helps us to be more self-sufficient but also aims to give others, particularly children, contact with animals and nature.